Healthy Volunteers Wanted for Sleep Study

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Healthy Volunteers Wanted for Sleep Study.

Background Information

Do you have regular sleep pattern? Are you free of any sleep problems? Then we invite you to participate in a research study to help us characterise sleep disorders better.

The aim of this study is to obtain a more comprehensive characterisation of sleep disorders, for example obstructive sleep apnoea or insomnia, by obtaining additional information and measurements.

The prevalence of sleep disorders is rising globally and adversely affects health and productivity.  However, there is substantial variation in the way different sleep disorders affect different people.  For example, not all patients diagnosed with sleep disorder complain of excessive daytime sleepiness or display abnormalities such as inattention, lack of vigilance or cognitive difficulties during their daily function. It is important to identify and better charecterise sleep disorder patients ar higher risk of daytime abnormalities on an individual basis to help doctors make decisions regarding appropriate treatment.  However, this is currently difficult due to the lack of reliable measures to aid clinicians in identifying at risk patients.  Therefore, there is a need for new measures and techniques that will help to more comprehensively characterise different sleep disorders and how their presentation and consequences differ between individuals. If you enter the trial you will receive travel reimbursement.

To acheive this we need to define what is normal sleep and daytime function and thus we are seeking healthy volunteers for this study.  The study will involve completing a 45 minute questionnaire about your sleep, health and lifestyle.  Depending on the results of the questionnaire, you may be invited to have your sleep and dyatime cognitive function assessed overnight at a sleep center.


South Australia - Adelaide
New South Wales - Glebe

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