Janssen Cilag

“We had an extremely positive experience working with CTC on our suite of pivotal Psoriasis studies. CTC definitely gave us a more tailored experience than the usual standalone methods of advertising and most importantly, were able to anticipate our needs and communicate effectively throughout our collaboration towards achieving our recruitment targets. Their wealth of experience and understanding of patients’ needs certainly helps CTC deliver an edge. We were also able to monitor the progress of the campaign and measure the success of it in ways we were never able to before – all with the help of CTC. For both studies which we used to the CTC services, we were able to achieve the target numbers within our defined timelines without any delays!”

Jody Yoong, Local Trial Manager


“Our arrangement through Clinical Trials Connect has proved invaluable in ensuring a reliable source of human volunteer blood donations that are key to our R&D bioassay development needs in support of new biologic therapies to treat a range of human diseases.”

CSL R&D Dept.

Skin and Cancer Foundation

“The Skin and Cancer Foundation Inc. provides specialist treatment, education and research for a wide variety of skin disorders. Our dedicated clinical trials unit has been rapidly expanding and Clinical Trials Connect (CTC) has been integral to the success of this growth. The Foundation is currently engaged in 16 clinical trials. CTC recruitment strategies help us reach and often exceed our recruitment targets. Clinical Trials Connect provide us with professional advice on ethically acceptable communication strategies and give volunteers the ability to conduct preliminary online self screening. This means our study coordinators are not overwhelmed with enquires from the public. I highly recommend CTC to other researchers and institutions if they are looking for efficient recruitment solutions.”

Chris Arnold, Executive Director

Monash Institute of Medical Research

"We had to perform a small Phase1c trial on a new anaesthetic. We needed 24 volunteers with narrow inclusion criteria to improve the quality of the results. The small number made "going it alone" a tempting proposition for our cash-strapped budget. I am glad we did not and decided to go with Mary and her staff at CTC. They gave us good exposure and sure steady stream of volunteers that allowed us to recruit at a very good rate and finish on time. Money well spent."

Colin Goodchild, Adj Prof Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia


"Bioassets is a US based biotech company that conducted a phase 2a trial in Australia seeking sciatica patients. Without previous experience in the Australian clinical research scene we were fortunate to have been recommended and referred to Clinical Trials Connect who provided essential support with patient recruitment including physician referral outreach and direct to patient online advertising. We were impressed with the breadth of expertise and professionalism that CTC demonstrated in providing guidance to us. Also, CTC was the only provider we found in Australia dedicated to expanding clinical trial participation by direct outreach to general practitioners. We were very pleased with all interactions with Clinical Trials Connect and would certainly work with them again in the future"

Michael Wyand, Senior Vice President of Development

Brain Sciences Institute, Swinburne University

"We were struggling to recruit the final cohort of participants for a study investigating the effects of cocoa polyphenols on cognitive function and mood in healthy older participants. We had already utilised all our usual advertising options and with a short time-frame we decided to try something different. Within a week after providing CTC with information about the study and the inclusion/exclusion criteria, they were beginning to find participants for our study. Majority of the participants referred from CTC were enrolled and completed the study successfully. They were also able to achieve the required number of participants within a 3-4 week time-frame, something that we would never have been able to do on our own. Overall, we were extremely pleased with the whole service and think it is a fantastic way to recruit participants for clinical trials"

Marni Kras, Clinical Trials Co-ordinator


"Clinical Trials Connect has established a service of patient identification and recruitment that is cost effective, flexible and reliable. This service frees up internal resources and allows for project planning with a greater degree of certainty and focus on what needs to be done. They work closely with research staff, trial sites and patients to ensure that samples are collected and delivered in an organised and timely fashion suiting the needs of all involved. Our current program was tailored to meet the unique requirements of our research and came about through active engagement with CTC and the trial site. The ongoing frequent communication with CTC ensures that there are no surprises, enabling better planning of research activities. Overall, our experience with them to date has been very positive and of great value to our research and development activities. Should additional need arise; we would not hesitate in engaging Clinical Trials Connect in the future."

Jeff Boyle, R & D Director, Cellestis.

Last Updated September 2015