What is Clinical Trials Connect?

Clinical Trials Connect is a leading resource in Australia and New Zealand helping unite Australians and New Zealanders to clinical trial opportunities and delivering recruitment solutions to researchers.

By listing your study on the Clinical Trials Connect website you are gaining exposure to individuals who are interested in your trial

How does Clinical Trials Connect accelerate recruitment?

CTC takes a proactive approach to recruitment. The 2011 Clinical Trial Action Group (CTAG) report revealed that 90% of clinical trials in Australia experience recruitment delays, so why wait to become a statistic? Prevention is better than cure.

CTC offers tailored solutions targeted to reach the demographic patient population sought. Every clinical trial is unique therefore we take the time to identify the key eligibility requirements of each protocol. This attention to detail is essential to the final recruitment plan. CTC is backed by a team of media and online communication experts so your requirements are coordinated by a group of professionals who understand how to produce effective messages that comply with ethical guidelines and principles.

A CTC communication proposal may include some or all of the following options:

  • CTC Database – our database is constantly expanding with individuals who have voluntarily registered their interest to participate in clinical trials. We currently have 9000+ people in our database with more people registering daily. These volunteers include both healthy volunteers and people registered with specific medical conditions.
  • CTC Trial Scene – is CTC’s quarterly newsletter that keeps our database of volunteers, pharmaceutical and health Industry professionals up to date with current trials and CTC’s activities.
  • CTC Social Media – we use various internet-based applications that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content. Click here to understand more about social media and the applications available.
  • CTC Other Media – TV, Radio, Print
    We have access to a media house that can develop strategically planned campaigns using more traditional forms of media i.e. radio, TV and print. There are many benefits of using a media house, one of which is the ability to purchase media across a wide range of communication channels at more affordable rates that are not available to the consumer directly. We also have experience arranging TV exposure to assist with the recruitment of volunteers for clinical trials. Please go to CTC in the Media for some of the stories we have coordinated or please ask us for more details regarding TV as an option for your trial.
  • Support Groups – CTC has a growing list of supporters and we work closely with these groups to understand the needs of patients who have been affected by the various conditions we recruit for. Click here to view “Our Supporters”. Our supporters can offer targeted avenues of communication via newsletters and meetings to communicate with potential participants. We are continually reaching out to the community and building our network of affiliations.
  • Other – CTC can also arrange to supplement advertising efforts with letter box drops, development of flyers/posters for distribution in targeted areas. We have a multitude of creative options that can be undertaken alone or in conjunction with other avenues of communication.

How do I list a study with Clinical Trials Connect?

Simply contact CTC to get started. We will ask you to complete a short survey that will help us understand the protocol requirements and then we will provide you with a quotation and media advice. Click here to download a copy of the survey. CTC is aware of privacy and confidentiality issues therefore we are more than happy to sign a confidentiality disclosure agreement before any exchange of information takes place.

Once you are ready to proceed we ask that you sign the CTC Terms and Conditions of Business. Click here to view or download a copy.

Click here to download Request for Listing of Clinical Trial and Supply of Candidates form.

How are the referrals from the advertising campaigns managed?

All referrals are directed to a study specific landing page on the CTC website. All materials developed to communicate research opportunities reference the direct link/URL in the contact details of the advertisements, and we also include CTC’s phone number for those who may prefer to phone.

When a person arrives at a trial landing page they have an opportunity to learn more about a study and predetermine their interest. We provide key details about the protocol including information regarding the visit schedule, and activities or tests that may need to be undertaken. Volunteers are also able to pre-determine their eligibility by completing the study specific questionnaire (pre-screener). People who meet the online criteria will have their registration automatically forwarded to the nominated contact at the research site for follow up. Volunteers who do not meet the online criteria will receive a notification advising them that they are ineligible for the current trial but that they can remain in the CTC database and be contacted for future studies in their area of interest.

All participants completing a pre-screener must agree to the CTC Terms of Use and Disclaimer and Privacy Policy before a registration can be successfully submitted and accepted.

How can I track the success of the advertising?

CTC has a special feature that allows us to track the number of eligible enquiries sent through to a site. All sites are provided with a “client login” with their own unique username and password. The client login provides a detailed de-identified history of registrations sent to the site using initials, D.O.B and registration date. Sites are able to indicate whether the registration was ‘accepted’ into the study. This information allows CTC to determine the overall success of the campaign. We are also able to determine the number of people failing to meet the online eligibility criteria, and provide specific feedback to the sponsor on the questions people are answering unsuccessfully. This feedback is invaluable as on occasion it has resulted in protocol amendments and enhanced recruitment outcomes where it may have otherwise been unnecessarily difficult.

Click here to view Client Login.

CTC can also provide performance metrics on the online advertising campaigns.

What if I have more than one centre conducting the same study?

If you have multiple sites running the same study in one or more states CTC can list all the locations the trial is being conducted at, and potential study participants have the option of choosing the location that is nearest to them.

We do not list the names of sites only geographic locations as we do not want centres to be overwhelmed with phone calls directly from the public.

What if the age groups we are targeting are not likely to be using the internet?

In 2012–13, 83% of persons in Australia were internet users and just under 80% of people aged between 55-64yrs of age were internet users.

Internet users, by age group(a), 2012-13

Internet User Graph
8146.0 - Household Use of Information Technology, Australia, 2012-13 Australian Bureau of Statistics

CTC can arrange advertising solutions outside the digital arena and potential volunteers are also able to contact CTC via phone to discuss their interest on any of the trial listings.

Does the CTC advertising need to be ethics approved?

CTC only lists ethically approved studies on the website. Additionally, all study specific advertising material requires ethics approval before an advertising campaign is commenced.

Who do I contact to get a quote and list a trial on the website?

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact CTC on +61 3 9464 5454 or email us at info@ctc.asn.au We would be more than happy to guide you and assist in the development of a solution specific to your recruitment needs.