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Clinical Trials Connect Pty Ltd ABN 56 125 958 705 (CTC) is an online patient recruitment service designed to help people interested in volunteering for medical research find clinical trials that are relevant to them.

CTC's web portal supplies clinical trial information for Australia and New Zealand, and through our user-friendly website patients and health practitioners can source current trial information immediately.

CTC also makes participation in clinical trials more accessible to the public and delivers patient recruitment solutions to researchers.

CTC was founded by Christine Zahren and Mary Pym, both of whom are practising registered nurses with a combined experience of 40 years in the Australian healthcare system and over 20 years in the arena of clinical research.

CTC is recognized by

  • Federal Government Department of Innovation Industry Science Research, Tertiary Education who funded a CTC information series to industry stakeholders held in Melbourne and Sydney in June 2011
  • National Health Medical Research Council (NHMRC)
  • Federal Government website "Australian Clinical Trials", and the Department of Health Victoria website
  • Health and Disability Ethics Committee in New Zealand (HDEC).

The CTC concept was born in recognition of the deficit in public awareness on current research and consequent difficulties in the patient recruitment process for trials. Whilst therapy offered in clinical research should not be viewed as treatment it does offer hope for the potential of better health in the future.

CTC is a FREE service to the public and health providers. We invite volunteers to explore the current trial listings and after reviewing and acknowledging our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy register your interest.

CTC does not offer a list of every clinical trial being conducted in Australia and New Zealand but when researchers choose to advertise their trial with CTC we will notify you by email.

We trust that you will find the service a valuable resource and we are always receptive to feedback on how we can improve our support to you and better facilitate your needs.

Christine Zahren (RN)

Mary Pym (RN)

Last Updated 04/03/2016